Adil Fide



with Bob from Alaska -having doner kebab in pita bread near grand Bazaar

Doner Sandwich with Bob

me at work:



I was born in Izmir in 1981 and have a BA degree from the history department of Bogazici University (unofficially; American University of Istanbul). I am also a history grad student at Istanbul Sehir University. Meanwhile, I was certified by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. Since then, I have become a historian/tour guide who designs and conducting “tailored tours” in Istanbul and all-around Turkey. I have been working for many prestigious global and local academic institutions, business partners, global brands and several individuals. All in all, I help the visitors of this city to avoid sloppy, shallow standard travel packages by offering special routes. those are not only through several historical places, but also touching some contemporary neighborhoods and culinary spots. This latter one is also another underrated part of the city. Everybody remembers Kebabs no one asks for what is beyond…
More specifically, my primary goal is going beyond the boring data concerning the surrounding old buildings, for example; the number of rooms or amount of chandeliers in the palace, or how much meters high the ceiling is etc… It is more about making observations, for instance; recognizing the historical layers of different centuries & cultures, or witnessing synthesis of various styles… and eventually interesting stories of human beings and what all these represent in a big collection of ages will be forming my major concern. I other words, what I like most is locating Istanbul in space & time because this is the way I fell connected to other ones and sharing with wondering people.
Occasionally, I am also giving lectures about Istanbul and its Cultural Heritage mostly for university students, especially mixed groups of international freshmen with different levels of knowledge.

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