Around the Imperial Square

me; at work in my office (Topkapi Palace!)

me; at work in my office (Topkapi Palace!)

The focus will be on the monumental elements surrounding the imperial square. Such a program is always the best option for a first-timer who would not like to miss the most fundamental part. The architectural, religious symbols of power and glory from the late-antiquity, medieval and early-modern eras…

The Hippodrome of Constantinople + the Hagia Sophia Museum + the Topkapi Palace Museum + Sultan Ahmed (Blue-) Mosque + the Grand (Covered-) Bazaar



3 thoughts on “Around the Imperial Square

  1. Adil was a great guide for my family. Adil is well versed in the history of Istanbul.
    He took us to several reasonably priced very tasty restaurants. We especially enjoyed
    the Basilica Cistern and the Süleymaniye Mosque. Adil knows how to give a quality presentation of the the history of these historical sites while maintaining the interest of a 10 year old. He showed us the old town, the new town and the Asian Istanbul. We did the Galata Tower and the Galata bridge. Had we not hired Adil, we would have had a much less enjoyable experience and wasted a lot of time. My whole familty recommeds Adil.
    New York

  2. I arranged for my 70-year-old sister to travel alone to Istanbul, and for her to be guided by Adil. When she returned she told me how comfortable and secure she felt with him, and how in three days she got a wonderful tour of the best of Istanbul. From her photos I can see that Adil took her to all the important places, and I know from her report that she learned a lot from him. Because of Adil, her trip was a complete success, and I’m happy we chose him.

  3. My wife and I visited Istanbul late in August 2014. We only had a brief time (2 days) to spend in in the city. Adil was with us the full two days. He thougtfully went out of his way to accomodate our arrival and depature. My wife (the artist) and I (the engineer) had endless questions that spurned great discussions with Adil. His knowledge of modern and historic Istanbul was seemingly limitless. We discussed things we shoud see and Adil adjusted the plan for our tour to our interests. He gave us great suggestions on places for lunches and dinners that worked perfectly for us. We will definitely return to Istanbul and engage Adil’s servces again. He is now a good friend.
    Rob, Toronto

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