the Ottoman Modernity

This program was based upon the traces of the major pieces from the 19th century, which witnessed the crucial process of modernization of the Ottoman Empire. The focus is to be on the expanding city towards the Bosporus starting with the new palaces during the time of great changes of 19th century, the emerging tastes and concerns of modern times etc…
The fundamental elements of this era are the Dolmabahçe Palace and the Archaeological Museums. During the boat trip on Bosporus is to observe a very good collection of religious, military and civic architecture. Therefore, there will be a chance to see the breaks and continuities between the former and later centuries. According to the preferences, the day could end up in a 19th century mosque, or a contemporary “Modern Art” Museum, or – if it is enough for history- the famous Spice Market.


Beylerbeyi Palace

Arnavutkoy Neighborhood

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