Pera as the Other Side

The Leading Families of Modern Turkey by their Marks on the City’s Heritage, after the very unique and liveliest district of historical Pera as a Center of Westernization through its Urbanization and Architecture…

The walking part would include Greek-Orthodox, Armenian and Catholic Churches on the same Boulevard, the civic architecture of “Belle Epoque” accompanied by the new means of transportation technologies of the late 19th & early 20th centuries. The Levantine neighborhood of Galata will follow them with its famous tower from the 15th century.

A tentative program might be like;

Istanbul Modern/Sadberk Hanım/Sabancı Museums + Galata-Taksim Walking Tour + the Whirling Dervishes Performance

the whirling dervishes at Galata Mevlevihanesi.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower, built by the Genovese Colonists in the 15th century

One thought on “Pera as the Other Side

  1. Aloha
    My husband and I had the good fortune of finding Adel Fide to use as our guide for a day in Istanbul. He knows the city well and his knowledge of history and architecture is very impressive but delivered in a way that was not condisending and was easy to understand. He took us to a great lunch spot that other tourist do not go to, and explained a lot about the social issues at hand in Turkey along with the political ones. We were absolutely charmed by him as a guide and human being who bought lunch for some street children while we were with him.
    I would certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to make the most of their time in istanbul, and have a very smart local as their guide.
    Istanbul is a very hilly town like San Francisco, but with roads and walkaways that are uneven in places. It is not a city that you can easily drive around in, so we did the subways with Adel, which was quicker and easier than surface traffic. I wish we’d had another day with him.
    We just returned a few days ago and had an amazing trip, our day with Adel was a highlight!

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